Manor House Klein Lehmhagen

North of the small town of Grimmen a road leads off the main thoroughfare to the villages of Groß Lehmhagen and Klein Lehmhagen.

The manor house Klein Lehmhagen was altered to its current form towards the end of the 19th century. The building had originally been a one-storey house which had a two-storey extension added during these alteration works as well as an entrance porch.

The estate Klein Lehmhagen was a Prussian demesne. From about 1910 on the demesne tenant was head bailiff Alwin Müller who had taken over from Amtsrat (administration superior) Krooss.

After 1945 the manor house was inhabited. Parts of the building are still in use as living quarters, other parts are standing empty.

Behind the manor house some old trees indicate a former park.