Manor House Klein Kordshagen

In 1265 the monastery Neuenkamp purchased the mill in Klein Kordshagen, then three years later it bought half of the village.

As from 1434 on the place is totally in possession of the monastery. After the secularisation it first belonged to Amt Franzburg, later it was property of the Prussian state and was let to tenants. The brick building manor house Klein Kordshagen was built in 1878 in Wilhelminian style. The tenants of the years from 1878 to 1945 (Schwing, Matthies, and Wartenberg) were eligible to use the title Royal Demesne Tenant. They lived in this house with their families. After 1945 the building was used, amongst other purposes, as accommodation for refugees, the library, community hall, the doctor's surgery, and as a dwelling house, mostly for socially deprived families. While the building was used for said purposes during many decades, and in the course of the so called renovations which were carried out, there was unfortunately never shown any consideration for the façade, the structure, and the fact of historic preservation. In 2003 the Lüth family purchased the manor house and has since then endeavoured to lovingly restore the building and to deconstruct many building blunders from the past.

There are three ground floor holiday apartments for rent. Both the manor house as well as the circle of lime trees in front of it are listed as historical monuments in the official state register.

During the 19th century the former narrow-gauge railway-line from Stralsund to Barth had one of its most important stations here. Nowadays the village is a rather sleepy suburb of the city of Stralsund and combines its proximity to the city with a lot of nature.