Manor House Kladow

Nowadays the former estate of Kladow belongs to the district of Gädebehn which also has a manor house.

Around 1860 Kladow estate was owned by the Schwerin wine merchant Johann Uhle. The villa-like manor house which presumably is a building of the French neo renaissance is picturesquely situated in a park above the banks of the river Warnow. During GDR times the building housed, amongst others, the village pub. It is now restored and the von Hülst family resides here.

Noteworthy is the village church of Kladow which was built in 1317. In 1780 it was moulded over with late-baroque structural components, and a steeple was added in 1860. Master builder of the church tower was the architect Simon Selig, ordering party was Johann Uhle.