Manor House Kartzitz

The baroque style estate complex with the one storey rendered manor house, which shows a two storey central risalit, was built in 1750.

From the 15th century on up to the end of the 19th century the estate was owned by the von Usedom family who made Kartzitz their ancestral seat. During the time between 1898 and 1945 the property was in possession of middle class common families, the Schröder family, Carl Leitner, and up to 1945 the von Schinckel family. Ernst von Schinkel with his wife and daughter committed suicide in May 1945. A memorial stone stands on the lake island in the park as a reminder of their fate.

During GDR times the manor house was used by the LPG (agricultural production cooperative) and the municipal administration.

After 1990 Joachim von Schinckel gained possession of the estate by reacquisition.

Around 1800 the originally baroque style park complex was enlarged and in parts reshaped into an English landscape park.