Kadow estate

An old Slavonic village which lay abandoned at least from 1483 to 1715. Later on it was a demesne of the  demesne administration Goldberg, afterwards Lübz. Kadow was first let together with Zidderich to a tenant called Lübbe (1786 - 1841), then separately to the tenant Oldach (1841-1847).

Around 1850 the estate became hereditary leasehold. The leasehold tenants were from 1853 - 1873 Wiechmann, 1875 - 76 Schultz, 1882 - 1896 Brunnemann, 1913 Schmidt-Sibeth and at last one Karl Schubert from 1923 to 1930.

The acreage of 200 hectare remained almost unchanged between 1868 and 1930. In 1939 Kadow had a population of 57.

The house of the demesne tenant was demolished during the 1960ties. There remains a pile of stones and in the entrance of an adjoining house a few small panes of stained glass which were taken from the demesne building.   

A neighbour owns a photo of himself in front of the house as a horseman. Evidentially this demesne house resembled the one in Medow which is extant with its  multi-storey entrance porch.