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So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House (Castle) Beseritz

The jurist and national economist, Johann August Schlettwein, was the owner of the estate at the end of the 18th century after his wife acquired the property through an inheritance process in 1784.

After Schlettwein died in 1802, his daughter Ernestine Friederike Eleonore Schlettwein took over the property. On May 14th, 1803, she married Johann Christoph Rodbertus (died in 1827) in Beseritz. In 1808, the young family moved from Greifswald, where their two children had been born, to Beseritz and sold the property. His son later bought the property. After the mother passed in 1849, possession was passed down to the daughter, Johanna Mathilde, who was married to Franz von Lepel and lived in Wieck (Gützkow). She later gave Beseritz to her son, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl von Lepel, in 1849.

After a fire almost destroyed the entire estate, Christian Graf von Bernstorff had architect Georg Daniel construct the impressive manor house on the cellar of the previous building. The picturesque Neo-Gothic brick building has a three-axis, arched central risalit. The shield is located in the stepped pediment. The tower with the open upper floor and a pointed helmet were later added on the southeast side. In addition to the various details, the building also depicts a horizontal layout of the façade through a continuous glazed brick tile. Inside the vestibule are the original ceiling paintings.

After the expropriation of Christian Ludwig Count von Bernstorffs in 1945, the manor house was first used to accommodate refugees and, later, the municipal council, a physician, a restaurant, and several offices. Since 1993, the building is a private property, houses both residential and business premises, and is kept open for art, culture, and festivals.

Behind the manor house is a well-maintained park that was created around 1880. Another real eye-catcher besides an old tree grove is the water course that is framed with field stones and that surrounds the former castle complex.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Hahn


Johann August von Schlettwein


Prof. Rodbertus aus Greifswald


von Lepell


von Lepell (son / Carl von Lepell)


Arthur Graf von Bernstorff (1808 - 1897) erwarb 1880 das Gut und schenkte es seinem dritten Sohn Christian (1840 - 1908), der als promovierter Jurist Großherzoglich mecklenburg-strelitzscher Regierungsrat in Neustrelitz tätig war. Ihm folgte bis 1922 Ludwig Graf von Bernstorff und von 1922 bis 1945 Christian Ludwig Graf von Bernstorff.