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Wesselstorf Manor

Like most other estates in Mecklenburg, Wesselstorf can look back on a history of several hundred years. ... more

Zühr Manor House

Zühr lies west of Hagenow.  As early as the 14th century the land was owned by the Züle family.  In 1740 the Saxon-Polish Field Marshal Thomas Friedrich von Zühlen had the two-storey manor house built. ... more

Manor House Setzin

Just a few kilometers west of Hagenow lies the town of Setzin. It is centered around what was once a grandiose manor house. Setzin was originally a fief of the von Lützow family. ... more

Waschow Estate near Wittendörp

From 1632 the estate was mortgaged to the von Grävenitz family, among others; after 1692 the von Grävenitz were hereditary owners. ... more