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Manor House Üselitz

In the Southern part of the Island of Rügen, you will reach the romantic manor house Üselitz via adventurous paths. The manor was originally in possession of the Dukes of Pomerania. ... more

Manor House, Hunting Lodge Quitzin

The Quitzin manor house was built in Renaissance style in 1607 on vaults from the 13th century. ... more

Manor House Setzin

Just a few kilometers west of Hagenow lies the town of Setzin. It is centered around what was once a grandiose manor house. Setzin was originally a fief of the von Lützow family. ... more

Warlitz Manor House

Around the year 1230 [1230-1340] Johannes Gans occupied the property of Wargelitz, almost six kilometers (4 miles) south of Hagenow, as a feudatory of the bishop. ... more