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Estate Borgfeld

The Borgfeld manor house and estate have not been preserved. The Dukes of Pomerania granted the Borgfeld estate to the Verchen Convent in the 13th century. ... more

Estate Dudinghausen

Dudinghausen at the Hohen Sprenzer Lake was owned by the von Viereck family for over 300 years until they were expropriated in 1945. The feudal estate was first mentioned in a document in 1347 and was erected by the von Duding family during the 14th century on fields of the village of Dechow on a peninsula in the lake. Over time, the name Dudinghausen has taken the place of the former Dechow. ... more

Manor House Gresse

Gresse, a few kilometers north of Boizenburg and right next to the Boize River, was documented for the first time in 1297. Here is where the romantic manor house is located, on a small island in the middle of a beautiful park. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Schlemmin bei Ribnitz-Damgarten

Schlemmin is an old estate of the von Thun family, who were based in Western Pomerania and Mecklenburg. In 1283, a Heinricus de Thune was mentioned in the country's peace treaty of the Wendish Baltic See states. ... more

Zornow Manor House

In the second half of the 17th century Zornow was a farming village with a total of seven households. ... more