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Manor House (Castle) Faulenrost

Faulenrost, situated between Malchin and Waren-Müritz, was either owned by the von Rostock or Rostke family before the 15th century and then the Count von Hahn from 1494 to 1934. ... more

Varchentin Manor (Castle)

The manor house was built in the Tudor Gothic style in 1847.  The architect of the imposing building was the Swiss Auguste de Meuron, who erected numerous buildings, mainly city villas, in Hamburg. ... more

Manor House Kraase

The estate was originally in possession of the Rostke family. As owners followed families named Ferber, Klinggräff, von Gentzkow, and Lembcke. The last owners before the expropriation in 1945 were Albrecht and Franz Warnecke. ... more