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Manor house Güterberg

The manor house was built in the 19th century. ... more

Manor House Jagow in the Federal State of Brandenburg

Jagow belongs to the municipality of Uckermark which was established in 2002 and nowadays belongs to the state of Brandenburg. ... more

Manor House Lübbenow

Lübbenow is located in the border area between Mecklenburg and Brandenburg southeast of Strasburg and does nowadays belong to Brandenburg. ... more

Manor House Nechlin

In the year 2020 renovation work on the manor house will take place. ... more

Manor House Rosenhagen next to Perleberg in Brandenburg

Manor House Taschenberg (Brandenburg)

Manor House Werbelow

Manor house built in the 18th century. Elimination of architectural details during repair work in 1968. ... more


Wolfshagen is a border territory between Brandenburg and West Pomerania. Many listed buildings form the townscape. ... more