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Farm house Alt Steinhorst

Deutsch and Wendisch Zeppelin, now Alt- and Neu Steinorst, formerly also Zeppelin in der Steinhorst referred to as. ... more

Gut Basse (in german only)

Der Ort Basse ist eng verbunden mit der Familie von BASSEWITZ und wahrscheinlich deren Namensgeber. 1378 wird in einer Urkunde Gerd Basseuitze to Basseuitze genannt. ... more

Manor House Böhlendorf

Böhlendorf was documented for the first time as “Villa Bole-Dorpe” in a certificate from 1298. ... more

Manor house Granzow at Gnoien

About 1100 first mention of Kerktorpes (later of Kardorff) as the owner of the estate. Granzow remained until 1877 in the possession of the family. ... more

Manor Neu Steinhorst

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Manor House Redderstorf

The political development in Germany eventually made it possible for the families of Meyerhoff from Göttingen and Börnke from Bochum to buy up the Redderstorf estate together since 1991. ... more

Manor House Remlin

The Remlin estate was owned by the von Kardorff family at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1866, the estate was acquired by Wilhelm and Adolf von Oertzen. ... more

Wöpkendorf Manor House

In the former estate park on the west side of the village lie the remains of walls and moats of a medieval castle complex with inner and outer baileys. ... more