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Manor House Bohlendorf

Bohlendorf is one of the oldest estates in Rügen. Some of the references, which talk of Claws Bolenson, date back to 1316. Bohlendorf was owned by the von Bohlens until the 20th century. ... more

Manor House Krenzow

The first identified owners of the feudal estate Krenzow, which is located in the triangle of Wolgast - Anklam -Züssow, were the Nienkerken family. ... more

Vorwerk Manor House near Lassan

In the 13th century the Ramel family had its seat here.  In following centuries the von Köller, Zitzewitz, von Weissenstein, and von Quistorp families were recorded as owners. ... more

Wehrland-Bauer Manor House

Hans and Dietrich von Lepel had their seat here in 1430.  The Bauer and Wehrland estates remained in the hands of the von Lepel family until 1823. ... more