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Manor House Bohlendorf

Bohlendorf is one of the oldest estates in Rügen. Some of the references, which talk of Claws Bolenson, date back to 1316. Bohlendorf was owned by the von Bohlens until the 20th century. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Karlsburg

Karlsburg, the village in which stands one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Vorpommern, dates back to the former Gnatzkow estate. This was in possession of the families von Horn, Schwobe, Buckow and from 1626 on it was owned by the noble family von Normann from Rügen. ... more

Manor House Krenzow

The first identified owners of the feudal estate Krenzow, which is located in the triangle of Wolgast - Anklam -Züssow, were the Nienkerken family. ... more

Manor House Laase on the island of Rügen

The manor house Laase was built in the 19th century, erected above an older  basement. It had been in use for residential purposes until the late 1990ies, since then it has been standing empty and been abandoned to vandalism and deterioration.  ... more

Manor Complex Lanckensburg

The manor house was erected during the 18th century. In 1822 and 1882 as well as around 1910 conversions took place. Since the 1960s the manor house has ceased to exist. ... more

Manor House Libnow

Duncker’s written explanation attached to the picture of the manor house Libnow says: “Since age-old times Libbnow has been a considerable property although documentation about its history is available merely fragmentary. ... more

Manor House Murchin

The manor house was built in 1890 to replace a previous building. The estate was owned by the von Schwerin family before it was inherited by the von Parsenow family. ... more

Manor House Streu near Schaprode

Since the end of the 13th century Streu, also referred to as Strowe, Strauwe or Streye in medieaval documents, was owned by the von der Osten family. Towards the end of the 17th century the estate came into the possession of the von Platen family. ... more

Varnkevitz Manor House

Broken window panes, missing doors, a completely demolished interior, and a totally overgrown park - this is the former manor house at Varnkevitz at the beginning of 2013. ... more