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Manor House Below

The former feudal Below estate with the Grabow village belonging to it can be semantically traced back as an original Wendish (elbslawic) settlement on an old hornbeam place (grabu = hornbeam). ... more

Gutshaus Dammerstorf

Kauf des Gutes 1905 durch die Familie Lübbe und Verpachtung an Heinrich Jakob bis zu dessen Tod 1931. Dammerstorf wurde 1937 weiterverkauft. ... more

Manor House Duckwitz

Duckwitz is located directly next to Lake Duckwitz. In 1696, Wolfgang von Moltke passed over ownership to Ludolf von Bassewitz. ... more

Manor House Krassow

The estate Krassow which is situated to the southeast of Wismar was first mentioned in records in 1303. ... more

Lambrechtshagen Demesne Estate

In Lambrechtshagen there were two separate areas: the village with its church and farm steads and the estate complex with the manor house, the park, and the husbandry yard. The village was first mentioned in documents in 1233. ... more

Sophienhof estate near Tessin

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Manor House Starkow

The Starkow estate had been owned by the von Raven family since 1859. At the beginning of the 20th century, Paul Heydemann is said to have been the owner, followed by H. W. Schulze, Edwin Asmussen in 1924, and Heinrich Schack in 1945. ... more

Manor House Thelkow

The Thelkow estate was under the ownership of the von der Lühe family. ... more