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Wrangelsburg Manor House (Palace)

South of the Hanseatic city of Greifswald lies Wrangelsburg village.  The former village, “Outpost,” belonged to the von Neuenkirchen family from 1426.  From that time on various houses existed there, which through war or fire were vandalized or dismantled. ... more

Manor House Pritzier, District of Wolgast

The Manor House Pritzier no longer exists. Pritzier was first mentioned in Lubin's map in 1618. (The Lubin map is the first complete map of the Duchy of Pomerania produced by the Rostock scholar Eilhard Lubinus between 1610 and 1618.) Pritzier was originally and presumably until 1641 a fief of the Nienkerken family. Around this time the place became a sovereign demesne. ... more

Spyker Castle

Schloss Spyker is a stucco building which dates from the 15th century and which was altered in the 17th century to reflect the tastes of its new owner Carl Gustav Wrangel. ... more