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Penkun Castle

The tiny town of Penkun, which first appears in historical records in 1269, nestles like an island between three lakes. In 1480, the manor at Penkun was enfoeffed to Werner von der Schulenburg. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Tressow, Bobitz district near Wismar

The new Tressow manor house
The late neo-classical manor house was built around 1869 to 1871 by the Schwerin Royal Privy Councillor for court architect Daniel. ... more

Manor House Bobitz

Bobitz belongs to the estate complex of the Count von der Schulenburg-Tressow encompassing over 2000 ha. and was originally the family residence of this family branch which came from Hehlen an der Weser. ... more

Manor House Klein Krankow

In bygone times the estate of Klein Krankow was under the same management as was Groß Krankow. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Klein Trebbow

The neo-renaissance style manor house Klein Trebbow was built from 1865 to 1868 for Ulrich von Barner according to plans by Hermann Willebrand. ... more

Estate Köchelstorf

The former allodial estate (land freely held, without obligation of service to any overlord) Köchelstorf came with the 2500 hectare compiled estate properties of Tressow which was in possession of the Counts von der Schulenburg up to 1945. ... more

Manor House Löcknitz

During the 16th century Joachim von der Schulenburg had a solid Renaissance style manor house built, north of the castle. ... more

Castle Löcknitz

Löcknitz is situated in the border region of Pommern and Brandenburg. It was first mentioned in records in 1212. ... more

Gutshaus Petersdorf bei Wismar (in german only)

Petersdorf gehörte mit den Gütern Bobitz, Groß Krankow, Köchelsdorf, Tressow sowie Reservaten in Quaal und Käselow zum Güterkomplex der Grafen von der Schulenburg. ... more