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Book "Manor Houses & Castles in Mecklenburg", Volume 2

Book "Manor Houses & Castles in Mecklenburg", Volume 2

In Volume 2, we present 48 estates with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs on 160 pages.

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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wendorf Manor (Palace) near Sternberg

The manor house in Kuhlen-Wendorf is first mentioned in 1637 as a feudal estate. Thereafter it was in the possession of the von Schack family until 1895.

The family is an old Lower Saxon noble line that from the 15th century settled in Denmark as well as in Mecklenburg, Pomerania, and Brandenburg. The property belonged for eight years to Otto Schondorf, who sold it in January 1904 to Ivan Mackensen von Astfeld, major and squadron chief in the 2nd Grand Ducal Hessian Dragoon Regiment. Von Astfeld invested six years in the complete refurbishment of the estate buildings and entrusted the then 29-year-old architect Paul Korff with the assignment. In many parts of the house Korff incorporated the Biedermeier style, which is still visible even today. The park was laid out with the collaboration of Reinhold Hoemann. The Mackensen family was expropriated with the land reform after 1945. After both wars and until the end of the East German regime the house served as a young people’s home; it was acquired by a hotelier after the reunification of Germany. Since then it has been lovingly restored to historic preservation standards and at the same time outfitted to the latest technical specifications; for example, it offers the most modern conference facilities and flat-screen televisions in suites and bathrooms.

Schlosshotel Wendorf*****  (Palace Hotel Wendorf*****)

The five-star Palace Hotel Wendorf lies amid a typical Mecklenburg landscape near the provincial capital of Schwerin and offers 10 luxurious suites furnished in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.  The hotel opened in 2009, its gates lovingly restored.  Individuality makes the hotel something special; each suite has its unique attraction.  Exclusivity for its guests is the first rule of the house.

Just a stone’s throw from the hotel lies the Residence, which offers an additional six luxurious double rooms and six luxury suites with elegant, tasteful furnishings.

Winner of many awards, the gourmet restaurant Cheval Blanc provides the perfect setting for both private and business occasions in its stylish atmosphere.  High-grade regional products, complemented by herbs from the restaurant’s own garden, are combined into creative menus. For lovers of fine liquor the hotel wine cellar offers a selection from top national and international producers—and, naturally, precious rarities. On the ground floor of the hotel are the reception area, a spacious lobby, a luxurious cigar lounge, an open bar with a choice selection of spirits, a library with antique books and a chess nook, a breakfast room with a conservatory, and a terrace with a view of the extensive park.

The hotel’s own spa area, which gives direct access to the park, makes a princely impression.  Bio-sauna and Finnish sauna, steam bath, multisensory showers, whirlpool, massage and cosmetic section, quiet zones, fitness area, and yoga room—What more could one want?  

Golf Course WINSTONgolf:  Only eight kilometers from the hotel, WINSTONgolf poses an appropriate challenge to golfers of all levels with its 18-hole championship WINSTONopen, the spectacular prizewinning 18-hole WINSTONlinks, and the nine-hole WINSTONkranich courses.  Naturally the hotel team takes care of your tee time and the cleaning of your golf equipment so that you can concentrate fully on your game.  Free transfers to and from the golf course are also available to hotel guests.

Skythia: The legend lives!  Sail over the blue waves of the Baltic Sea on the Skythia—the best replica of the America and the only one in Europe. The hotel’s own luxury yacht lies in Rostock harbor ready for guests to cast off. Traditional craftsmanship and classical beauty combine with modern security features, current comforts, and exclusive outfitting below decks. The yacht and its professional crew are at your disposal and you are also welcome to take the wheel for yourself. Special events and an on-board program can be arranged upon request.

Equestrian sports arena: The arena with 30 stalls and a regulation riding ring will be ready by November 2011. It will offer plenty of room for the favorite mounts you bring along and provide thrilling moments of competition.

No matter what you feel like doing, there’s something for every taste.  Step into the charm and elegance of a bygone era and discover the beauty of nature in Mecklenburg for yourself.

Ownership prior to 1945:

1628 (proportionate), 1643 (the whole)

von Schack


Chamberlain Christoph Ernst von Schack


Heirs of Chamberlain Christoph Ernst von Schack


Chamberlain Friedrich Anton Ulrich von Schack


Heirs of Chamberlain Friedrich Anton Ulrich von Schack


Counsellor Ernst Johann Wilhelm von Schack (see Basthorst, Samelow)


Heirs of Counsellor Ernst Johann Wilhelm von Schack


Gebrüder von Schack (auch Basthorst, Rehhagen, Samelow)


Brothers Carl and Bernhard von Schack


Carl von Schack and heirs of Bernhard von Schack


Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Schack


Ernst Albrecht von Schack (also of Basthorst, Rehhagen und Samelow)


Ernst Albrecht von Schack and Dr. Ernst von Schack


Dr. phil. Ernst von Schack


Brothers Ulrich, Hartwig, Klaus Emeke and Günther von Schack


Otto Schondorff


Lt. Col. Ivan Mackensen von Astfeld

(1921, 1923)

Mrs. Hedwig Mackensen von Astfeld, born Wittekop

till 1945

Mackensen family


19412 Kuhlen-Wendorf, Hauptstraße 9

Phone: 038486-3366-0
Fax: 038486-3366-10