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So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House (Castle) Basthorst

The Basthorst manor house lies a few kilometres east of the state capital Schwerin in a heavily forested area at the Glambeck Lake. In 1821, the von Schack family acquired the land and rebuilt the village of Basthorst here on Rehhagen's march. The new farm was given its name in memory of the family von Schack's family estate in Lauenburg. Rehhagen used to include Pertinence Kladow and Rönkendorf.

The von Schack family built a residential house in 1824 in Basthorst which received its present neo-baroque appearance around 1910. The ca. 700 ha. estate was under the ownership of Dr. Ernst von Schack in 1896.

Following owners were:


Ulrich, Hartwig, Emeke and Günther von Schack


Dr. Karl Th. Tust (Berlin)


Albert Helmut Gilka (factory owner from Berlin)


Friedrich Bölck (Bad Oldesloe)


Walter Rau (Osnabrück)

The basic structure, the Art Nouveau interior architecture and the interesting panelled library have been preserved due to the use of the manor house as a business academy by the Schwerin Regional Health Authority in the DDR times. The manor house went into private ownership in 1991, was restored until 1994 and has been used as a hotel and restaurant since then.

The sculptures on the fence gate posts on the entrance represent small copies of the “Rossbändiger” statues on the Schwerin Castle Bridge. You enter the wonderful ca. 14 ha. English landscape park via two flights of steps.

Basthorst is one of the concert venues for the annual “Festspiele Mecklenburg-West Pomerania”.