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Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

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Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Krassow

The estate Krassow which is situated to the southeast of Wismar was first mentioned in records in 1303.

From 1781 on up to approx. 1800 the estate was in possession of the feudal family von Raven. During the 19th century ownership changed frequently. As owners mentioned are in 1848 Carl Christian Johann Heuckendorf, 1853 Ernst Heinrich Christian Dühring, from 1872 on Friedrich Keding. Head Bailiff Rühmekorf was the owner in 1908 and Henry Hallenstein in 1924. The estate was finally opened to settlements during the 1930s.

The manor house is a rendered building erected during the 19th century and modified in neo-baroque style at the beginning of the 20th century. Particularly striking on the courtyard side is the wide middle risalit with its three corner gable decorated with a shell ornament. To the rear of the building three coloured glazed windows are extant. On the roof there is a tower with a curved hood.

After 1945 the manor house was in use as a home for children and teenagers with special needs who were regarded as difficult to educate. A report by the Government Officer in charge of matters regarding the so called `New Federal States´ comes to the conclusion that " Especially in the special homes of the `Jugendhilfe´ (designation by the GDR authorities) everyday life was characterized by restricted freedom, human rights abuses, heteronomy, degrading punishments, denial of educational and developmental opportunities, and forced labour."

After 1990 the Youth Welfare Service used the building for a short while, and then it stood empty for some time. There are now holiday apartments available in the newly renovated manor house. Of the former estate complex remain two large stable buildings.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


von Raven


Carl Wilhelm Michelsen


Johann Friedrich von Wickede


Christian Andreas Kober


Johann Peter Jappe


Privy Counsellor Christian Jacob Joachim Krüger


Friedrich Wilhelm Dühring, Ernst Heinrich Christian Dühring


Carl Christian Joh. Heuckendorf


Friedrich Keding


Head Bailiff Ernst Rühmekorf


Richard Vogler


The heirs of Henry Hallensteins


Joh. Albrecht Pogge


Katharina v. d. Hagen


Merchant Wilhelm Lindemann (Doberg near Bünde/Westfalia)