Klausdorf Estate

In the oldest records of the city of Stralsund from 1280 one will find the name of Nicolaus Siluishere as the presumably first settler in the place of Klausdorf.

In 1389 Berthold von Rethem is named as the owner of Klausdorf, in 1495 Edgar Garlepow, and in 1520 the Stralsund councillors Heinrich Sonnenberg and Jürgen Buchow. His great-granddaughter Barbara, the widow of Johann Hagemeister, was in possession of the Klausdorf homestead in 1695. Another property in Klausdorf, the so called Rampenhof, was owned by the monastery of St. Annen and Brigitten of Stralsund in 1628. From when Barbara Hagemeister purchased the Rampenhof too in 1701 the entire of Klausdorf remained in possession of the Hagemeister family up to the expropriation in 1945. The manor house, which was erected around 1900 in the neo-baroque style, was replaced during the 1960s by a prefabricated building, the "Haus des Bauern" (House of the farmers).

The former orangery, a building from the 19th century, has been restored in recent years. Also extant is the farm manager´s house, a red brick construction with the dating of 1890 in the pediment.