Manor House Kavelsdorf

It is assumed that during the early medieval time a fort already stood in Kavelsdorf, whose location is marked in the present day church yard.

In 1301 Duke Nicolaus von Werle presented the knight von Kabold with a virgata of land in Kavelsdorf. During the 14th century a knighthood dynasty named Rüze is mentioned, which at the same time resided on the estates of Kladrum, Kobande, and Lanken near Crivitz. Later still Kavelsdorf seems to have been owned by the von Oertzen family. In the more recent past Kavelsdorf fell to the dynasty of Behr-Negendanck, which had arounded vast estates in the area, for instance in Semlow and Plennin.

A description of the estate of Kavelsdorf is found in the autobiography "Erzählungen aus meinem Leben" (Tales from my Life) by Christian Ludwig Duke of Mecklenburg (1912 - 1996) who served his apprenticeship as a prospective farmer with the von Behr- Negendanck family inter alia in Plennin, Semlow, and Kavelsdorf. The duke describes the manor house of Kavelsdorf as a very old but rather extremely cosy house with wooden floorboards and uneven stair steps, thus indicating that the present manor house originates from the 18th century.

The house is a one storey building with a low-lying roof and a central gable. For a long time the manor accommodated a kindergarten and the Arbeiter-Samariterbund (The Workers Samaritan Association).

Since 2006 it has been private property. Within in the next years the building will be restored. Plans are for it to be used privately, and also for public utilisation.

Remains of a park behind the house are preserved.