Castle Hotel & Manor House Klink

The neo-renaissance style castle Klink in its filigree appearance is located on a headland between the Kölpin Lake and the Müritz Lake.

The castle was built up to 1898 according to plans by the Berlin architects August Dinklage and Hans Griesebach by order of the then owner Arthur von Schnitzler (Berlin) and his wife Hedwig nee Borsig. In 1913 a banquet hall was added.

Over the centuries Klink faced frequent changes of ownership. In 1375 the Gamm family acquired the village, later it went to the von Below family, 1650 to the Holstein family, followed by Friedrich Kähler from 1751 to 1891, 1892 to 1897 Eugen Hahn and 1897 to 1898 W. R. Hermann, until finally in 1898 Arthur von Schnitzler purchases the estate. When he died in 1939 his wife Hedwig took over the estate. She was expropriated in 1945.

After that refugees moved into the manor house. In the 1960s it was greatly simplified and has since been used as a training centre and company´s holiday home.

After 1989 the manor house stood empty and visibly fell into disrepair until it was purchased by the current owners in 1996. After extensive renovation the building is now a Castle Hotel.

Next to the castle there is the "Alte Gutshaus" (old manor house) which was also built up to 1898 and served as administration building, accommodation, guest house, and was the estate manager´s residence too. After 1945 this building also accommodated refugees, later it became a school, it housed the office of the LPG (agricultural production cooperative) too, and the post office.

In 1997 the building was opened up as the Hotel Altes Gutshaus.