Kloster on the Island of Hiddensee

The place Kloster is situated in the North of the island of Hiddensee. As the name implies (Kloster = abbey) the village originates from the `Abbey to the Holy Bishop Nicholas´ which was established here in 1296.

Due to the secularization Kloster became a Princely Kammergut (a direct estate of the sovereign) in 1534. Afterwards the abbey buildings gradually deteriorated and were finally destroyed during the Thirty Years War. In 1657 the Stralsund Councillor Berend von Wolfrad purchased the island, and in 1752 the Stralsund Privy Councillor Ulrich von Giese. It was the latter who who had a new farm built with the stones from the abbey. The descendants of Ulrich von Giese sold the estate to the Bagenwitz family who resided on the estate of Ralow. In 1835 the Stralsund Monastery of the Holy Spirit purchased the island and leased the estate out. In 1928 Paul Wüstenberg was the tenant.

The manor house in its present form was built around 1900. The City of Stralsund put the building up for public auction in 2009, since then the manor house has been private property.