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Manor House (Castle) Gamehl

The Gamehl estate lies a few kilometres north-west of Wismar and was the main residence under the unbroken ownership of the von Stralendorff family from 1387 until its expropriation in 1945. The last owner before the expropriation after the end of the Second World War was Joachim von Stralendorff. ... more

Manor House Koldevitz

The manor house on a boulder base is a single-storey rendered building with a gable lucarne (large roof dormers) and half-hipped roof. ... more

Kloster on the Island of Hiddensee

The place Kloster is situated in the North of the island of Hiddensee. As the name implies (Kloster = abbey) the village originates from the `Abbey to the Holy Bishop Nicholas´ which was established here in 1296. ... more

Pudagla Castle (Manor House)

The village of Pudagla is located on the island of Usedom, on a narrow stretch of land between lake Schmollensee and the bay formed by the Achterwasser lagoon. ... more