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Book "Manor houses and castles in Western Pomerania"

Book "Manor houses and castles in Western Pomerania"

In volume 4, we present 58 estates with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs on 155 pages.

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book Vorpommern 4

Manor House Dudendorf

Dudendorf is located on the northern end of Recknitztal. The village was first documented in the 16th century. The name is probably derived from the name of a person, Dude.

The manor house was constructed in the second half of the 19th century in Tudor architectural style. It is a rectangular, two-storey plastered building. On the western narrow side of the house is a four-storey round tower with a slightly curved conical roof. On the side of the courtyard, the building has differently shaped, overlapping lateral risalits. Also worth mentioning are the multiple porch-like structures. The ground floor windows still show that originally, the entire façade layout was probably designed in a modest Tudor style. The façade layer was later simplified to a great extent. The property was originally owned by the von der Lühe family. In 1803, the Baron of Waiz von Eschen purchased the property and his family held it until 1886. Starting in 1886, the property was acquired by the Andreae family. The last owner from the Andreae family was shot by Russian soldiers in 1945.

The manor house is currently a private property. It is used as an administrative building of an agricultural enterprise.

A large part of the extensive estate has been preserved and is still in use. The manor house is surrounded by a small landscape park.

Structure of ownership prior 1945:


von der Lühe family


Baron Waiz von Eschen


The brothers Friedrich Siegmund, Carl August, Wilhelm, Philipp Leo and Johann Friedrich Barone Waiz von Eschen ( mention Hilgen, Hilchen)


Ministry Friedrich Siegmund Baron Waiz von Eschen


Cousins August Sigismund Philipp and Carl Sigismund, Barone Waiz von Eschen (see Kucksdorf)


Carl Sigismund Baron Waiz von Eschen


Sigismund Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Baron Waiz von Eschen


Paul Andreae


Brami Andreae