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Daschow manor in calendar 2019

Daschow manor in calendar 2019

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Dersentin manor house in calendar 2021

Dersentin manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Duckwitz

Duckwitz is located directly next to Lake Duckwitz. In 1696, Wolfgang von Moltke passed over ownership to Ludolf von Bassewitz.

Later, the property went to civil ownership. For instance, it was owned by Carl Döhn in 1848, Leopold Troll starting in 1891, Paul Troll in 1908, and Werner Eckstein in 1913.

The manor house is a two-storey plastered building with a hipped roof that was built in 1915. It has an open staircase that leads you into the building. The entrance has a half-timbered balcony standing on four columns. It has a winter garden with an upper exit. One can get to the park and the lake via a back porch and an open staircase. The building, which was refurbished in 1997 according to an ecofriendly concept with fully biological constructed wet-park, photovoltaic system, woodchip heating system, and wind turbine, is now a private property and serves as a residential house and office.

Next to the manor house is the original stable, in which cozy holiday apartments have been set up. The horse stables on the ground floor have also been preserved.

Structure of ownership prior 1945:

vor 1400-1791

Familie von Bassewitz


Chamberlain Lüdeke Cuno von Bassewitz


Johann Friedrich Glamann


Cavalry Captain Gottschalk Anton von Wickede


Chamberlain Georg von Zepelin


Johann Friedrich Koeve. He was an advocat in Rostock.


Dr. Weber for the creditors of J. F. Koeve.


Johann Edmund Döhn


Carl Döhn


brothers Axel, Hans und Carl Döhn


Axel Döhn


Leopold Friedrich Paul Troll


Werner Eckstein


Captain Johannes Manitius