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Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

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Manor House (Castle) Charlottenthal

Charlottenthal town is situated north of Lake Krakow and was previously known as Grube. Since 1637, the property was owned by the von Klevenow family.

They pledged it to the von Levetzow family in 1666. Ownership then changed frequently, until Conrad Hahn acquired the property in 1791. He had a one-storey manor house built in Charlottenthal and, in 1793, had the town renamed to Charlottenthal. After 1815, there was another frequent change of ownership until 1842 when Christian Engel acquired the estate and had the manor house rebuilt in Neo-Gothic design by architect Theodor Krüger in 1843. In 1861, the Engel family sold the property to the Bahlmann family and, in 1898, the family von Schmidt-Pauli acquired possession of Charlottenthal. They had a thoroughbred stud farm with a training course. Part of property was divided up in 1932, the rest remained in the possession of the von Schmidt-Pauli family until 1945.

During the occupation by the Russian army, all facilities in the manor house were demolished, not even the 70 thoroughbred horses could be saved.

After 1945, refugees moved into the building. Later, a nursery and a restaurant were set up.

After 1990, the manor house remained empty for many years until it had new owners who continue to refurbish it. A restaurant was opened in the foyer.

On April 11th, 2016, a fire broke out in the early morning hours and almost destroyed the building completely.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


von Klevenow family


brothers von Schilling


von Hahn family


Gustav and Joh. Franz Degener


Peter Heinrich Stender


Christian Wilhelm Engel


Ernst Rudolf Jacobson


Georg Friedrich Carl Bahlmann
widowed Marie Bahlmann neé Janentzki


Dr. jur. Adolf Strauss


general Theodor Schmidt-Pauli