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Manor House (Castle) and Water Tower Serrahn

Serrahn is located on the northeastern shores of Lake Krakow. North of the village, the mist can be spotted leaving the lake, flowing densely through a forest area. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Charlottenthal

Charlottenthal town is situated north of Lake Krakow and was previously known as Grube. Since 1637, the property was owned by the von Klevenow family. ... more

Manor House (Castle) and Estate Tenant´s House Kalkhorst

Kalkhorst was a feudal estate which was in possession of the Both family at least from 1325 to 1847. In 1848 Wilhelm von Biel purchased the run-down estate and began to rebuild it. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Moltzow

Moltzow is located north of Waren-Müritz in the forested, watery, and hilly area of the Mecklenburg lake district, between Lake Malchin and Müritz. ... more