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Places within the district of the Demesne Administration Lübz

The area covered by the Demesne Administration of Lübz (without its western and northern edge) lies between Lübz in the west, the county border in the south, the lake at Plau in the east, and the Zahren lake in the north.

In 1850 there were 22 demesnes here. 19 of them were the properties of the Grand Duke (of which 3 were home farms), two belonged to the town of Plau (Appelburg and Gaarz), and one, the demesne Klebe, was owned by the parish of Plau. Six of the demesnes were assigned as hereditary lease, this happened mostly around 1870. (Klebe at the latest 1841, Quasslin 1845, Barkow and Lübzer Bauhof not later than 1868, Ganzlin at the latest 1875, and Retzow 1918). With this change the estates in effect became the properties of the tenants with the only restriction that these lease holders were not entitled to a seat in the Landtag (the state parliament) like the real knights. One demesne, Malchow-Altenlinden, was sold in full ownership to the lease holder in 1933.

The lease holders residential houses of the sovereign´s demesnes were mostly built around 1760. It seems the Demesne Administration launched a large scale construction program at that time. All the tenants´ houses in this area are extant, except for Altenlinden-Malchow, Gaarz, Klein Wangelin and Quasslin.