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Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Breesen, municipality of Lindholz

The village of Breesen was first mentioned in a document in 1232. From 1308 to 1612, the Breesen estate was in possession of the Woltke family. Later, the von Behr family owned the estate too until Georg von Behr sold his estates Nustrow, Stassow, Grammow, Breesen und Lübchin and Lübchin to the chamberlain von Schack in the 18th century.

On June, 30th in 1890, Hugo Seemann, a German activist of the Christian-socially oriented rural reform movement in Mecklenburg, took over the management of the Breesen tenancy together with the municipalities of Carlsthal and Eichenthal, with a total area of 492.4 hectares. From 1925 to 1943, his son Karl ran the estate as tenant farmer.

Structure of ownership of the feudal estate prior to 1831:

1308 - 1612

Woltke family

Into the 18th century

von Behr family


Chamberlain Karl Ernst von Schack

1717 - 1787

1717 Captain Lieutenant von Göben (Father)
1722 - 1746 Chamberlain von Göben (Son)

1787 - 1792

von Müller family

1792 - 1798

Johann Anton Christoff Ferber

1798 - 1831

Carl Christoff Friedrich von Ferber

The knightly owners von Goeben, von Müller and von Ferber were taken from the work of G. von Lehsten: "Der Adel Mecklenburgs nach dem Landesgrundgesetzlichen Erbvergleich von 1755" ("The nobility of Mecklenburg according to the constitutional heritage settlement of 1755"). In 1831 the ducal chamber purchased the estates of Breesen, Fahrenhaupt and Nütschow, which until then had been feudal estates belonging to knights, and assigned them to the Sülze Saline Authority.

Tenants of the Demesne up to 1945:

1831 - 1840

Ernst Holz

1840 - 1850

August Friedrich Peters

1850 - 1867

H. Krüger

1867 - 1868

Wilhelm Siebeth

1869 - 1890

Wilhelm Belitz

1890 - 1943

Hugo Seemann
from 1925 on Karl Seemann