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Book "Manor houses and castles in Mecklenburg"

Book "Manor houses and castles in Mecklenburg"

In Volume 1, we present 49 estates on 156 pages with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs.

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Neu Wendorf manor in calendar 2019

Neu Wendorf manor in calendar 2019

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Manor House and Feudal Estate Nustrow

The Nustrow manor park is situated in a spacious English landscape park between the towns of Gnoien and Tessin.

Nustrow was one of the oldest possessions of the von Behr family, who were already based here since 1491. In 1794, their reign at Nustrow came to an end after chamberlain Georg von Behr sold the estate to Karl Ernst von Schack, a Danish court official. The von Schack family retained Nustrow until 1912 when Ralph Hans Ehmecke Karl Arthur von Schack sold the estate to Rittmeister (cavalry captain) Hans Prömmel. The last owner until the expropriation was Hans Reinhard Prömmel.

The Classical manor house was built in 1830 by architect Carl Theodor Severin on the walls of an old Renaissance building.

After the end of the Second World War, the building served as a residential house and community center.

Since 1998, the house is once again in the possession of the Prömmel family. They have restored the manor house in which most of the original features have been preserved. The building now houses elaborate, generous guest rooms and holiday apartments, a festive hall, fireplace, and meeting rooms.

The former kitchen garden of the estate is now filled with hundreds of old roses and quite stunning.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


von Behr (with Grammow and Stassow)


Marcus Salomon von Behr


Captain Melchior Matthias von Behr


the heirs of Chamberlain J. E. von Behr


Valet de Chambre Georg Christiph von Behr (with Grammow, Stassow and Behren-Lübchin


Privy Councillor Engel Carl Ernst von Schack from the house Wendorf


Valet de Chambre Ernst J. von Schack


Heinrich Christian Friedrich Adelbert von Schack


Cavalry Captain Hans Ehmeke Carl Arthur von Schack


Hans Prömmel