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Manor House Kummerow near Stralsund

The place of Kummerow near Stralsund possesses a manor house and the so called estate castle (see images).

The estate was sold by the Pomeranian Dukes in 1341 to the town of Stralsund. In 1658 it went to the community of Barth.

The rendered building was constructed in 1910/12 in neo style by the Münchmeyer family. Past 1914 the estate came into possession of the landlord Holtz from Obermützkow. The manor house served as convalescent home for French soldiers in 1918, from 1945 up to 1955 it accommodated the primary school and the kindergarten.

After the manor house had once been sold by auction in 2002 it stood empty still in 2006. In December that year it was again auctioned off. The new owners came from Norway. Inside the house some details are still in good condition. Extremely beautiful is the impressive entrance hall with its spacious staircase, wall and ceiling wainscoting.

The house is surrounded by a well kept park.