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Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Kummerow near Malchin

The estate Kummerow had (except for brief interruptions) always and up to 1945 been the property of the von Maltzahn family (respectively Maltzan).

After the predecessor building was burnt-down at the beginning of the 18th century, District Administrator Axel Albrecht von Maltzan had a new baroque style manor house built around 1730. The two storey building with a central risalit is connected by linking blocks with the corner pavilions.  

The vast landscape park, which extends right to the Kummerow lake, even nowadays invites visitors for pleasant strolls.

After 1945 the manor house accommodated a school and municipal offices. In 1964 refurbishment of the manor house took place, in 1988 the Deutsche Post started upgrading of the building for use as a company holiday hostel. This work ceased shortly after. The manor house then stood empty for twenty years and deteriorated.

In 2012 it was auctioned off to a Berlin based company. The new owner plans to restore the baroque ensemble and make it accessible for the public as a museum for photography.

In the medieval village church coats of arms on the patron´s gallery as well as on grave slabs are reminders of the von Maltzahn family.