Manor House Kreckow

The grange of Kreckow is one of the few completely preserved estate complexes in Mecklenburg. It is arranged according to the strict symmetry of baroque style with the manor house, adjacent park, estate manager´s house, horse stable and auxiliary buildings.

The manor house was built in 1744 for Wilhelm Ludwig von Bissingen; it is a one-storey rendered building in baroque style with a curb roof and a high elevated basement. From 1762 on it belonged to the Count of Schwerin. Since 1860 the Strasen family were in residence, they had first taken the house on lease and then bought the property in 1934.

After WWII 20 refugee families lived in the house. From June 1st, 1950 the manor house became a school which was attended by 150 children. The school was closed in 1977. The building was used as a kindergarten during the years of 1970 to 1993. The sculptor Simon Schade purchased the manor house in 1995. In the park he
created a few large-scale sculptures. In the house on show there is a permanent exhibition of works by Ulrike Rösner and Simon Schade.

Behind the manor house there is an approx. one hectare landscaped baroque park. The park is surrounded by a moat and used to have two ponds in the corners which are located towards the meadows.