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Manor House Klein Schönwalde

The house for the estate tenant was built around 1850. An extension added in 1909 is no longer extant.

The same goes for the estate buildings except for one former pigsty which now is in residential use. Since the 18th century the estate belonged to the University of Greifswald. The last tenant was Head Bailiff Mau who had to file for bankruptcy in 1931. However the university allowed him the rent free use of the tenant's house. The estate was opened to settlements.

After 1945 the house gave shelter to many refugees families. Later it was used by the Volkseigene Gut Tierzucht Groß Schönwalde ("Volkseigenes Gut" German for People-Owned Property. State-owned farm in the Communist German Democratic Republic, GDR.)

After 1990 the estate was returned into the ownership of the university. The tenant´s house is in a state of decay and houses only one dweller.