Manor House Kirch Stück

Kirch Stück is one of the oldest settlements in the area around the town of Schwerin. For a long time the place presented itself as a closed estate village with the farm yard, farm labourers´ cottages, the vicarage and the church.

The village is picturesquely situated between the Kirch Stück lake and the Barnerstück lake. The estate had probably been an ancient fiefdom (amongst others in possession of the Counts von Hahn), in more recent times managed by commoner tenants. During GDR times the estate was run as a state owned farm (people´s own) and apprentices were trained here. (The "Volkseigenes Gut" (German for People-Owned Property; abbreviated VEG) was a state-owned farm in the Communist German Democratic Republic, GDR.) The Black Head Sheep from Kirch Stück were a well known famous breed. Barns, stables and granaries were staid buildings which were completely removed when agricultural enterprise ceased at the end of the 1990s. Since then the estate has been parcelled into building plots for private residential buildings. The manor house, a half-timbered building which at the rear had been expanded, a storey added, and rendered, is in desperate need of repair. The former park behind the house at one time extended to the shores of the Kirch Stück lake, from where one had an excellent view of the brick church at Kirch Stück, one of the most ancient in the Schwerin area.