Manor House Katzenow

The manor house was built in grand style in 1885 by Ulrich Count von Behr-Negendank.

After the expropriation in 1945 it was used as the town hall and up to 1988 as the village school. After the building had been standing empty for ten years it did find new owners just in time, they were the married couple Samuel Degen and Andrea Liere. In 1997 they decided to purchase the property and restore the house. At great expense, which in magnitude exceeded the costs for a new building, complete refurbishment took place within the next two years. Beautiful and most modern holiday apartments and rental flats came into being. Trees which are more than two hundred years old grow on the 8.000 square metres of private grounds of the manor house. Beautiful gardens have been created after the complete refurbishment by some of the permanent tenants of flats. The larger part of the private grounds did however remain as parkland, which is unique in its appearance in this local environment.

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