Manor House Kaiseritz

The manor house was built in the 18th century and extended around 1900. The building was demolished in the 1970s.

It is likely that the place name originates from the Keyser family who came to Stralsund from Lübeck. During the 14th century Kaiseritz was in possession of the von Zuhme family. In 1412 the estate was burned down by people from Stralsund because a member of the von Zuhme family had struck dead the mayor of Stralsund Wulf Wulflam. In the second half of the 15th century it was the property of the convent in Bergen, after the reformation it became a demesne and was repeatedly pledged. In 1704 the estate Kaiseritz was formed out of two desolate farms. In 1859 it was owned by the von Kahlden family from Neklade. In 1903 and in 1945 the estate covered approx. 207 hectare. Benno von Kahlden was district deputy and leased the property to Herr Gottschalk. 1907 Erik von Witzleben was the owner and in 1922 Friedrich Klickow.

After 1945 the Klickow family was expropriated due to the land reform.