Manor House (Farm House) Kagendorf

The manor house was built in 1589 by the Dittmer family who owned and managed the farm over several generations. After WWII the family was expropriated , the farm was divided out and in parts exposed to decay.

New owners for the farm house were found in 2013, they are trying to bring back its former splendour by restoring the building with all due regard for its listed historic status. First the dovecote from 1910 was restored. In the meantime all four barns have been renovated by providing them with new roofs and flooring and 200 (!) new window panes have been fitted. 
The farm is now called ´Der Kastanienhof´ (Chestnut Tree Yard).

For over ten years now the new owner of the farm, Beatrice Ortlepp who herself is an apprenticed bricklayer, also a trained social education worker, has been running courses for clay building (adobe). They are usually held over an extended weekend. Clay (mud) is a historical building material and during theses courses different techniques in the use of it are taught and can be learned.

Der Kastanienhof

17398 Kagendorf, Dorfstraße 15

Contact: Beatrice Ortlepp
Phone: 0178-1987624