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  • Village Church in Kölzow

Village Church in Kölzow

During the first third of the 13th century crowds of settlers from Northern Germany came across the river Elbe into our region. This is how between 1205 and 1210 one of the oldest church buildings in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania came into being in Kölzow.

A rubble stone church in transitional style between the Romanesque and Gothic. The oldest part of the building is the choir. The tower which was erected later, carries a half-timbered superstructure. Especially impressive are the frescos which have only been rediscovered in 1983. It is assumed they date from when the church was first built, they repeatedly show motifs in the colours in use at that time. After the Thirty Years War the wood-beamed ceiling was replaced by a barrel vault and the church obtained a Baroque altar (1736) and with it a pulpit accordingly designed. The organ made by master organ builder Friese (III.) was consecrated on the 4th Sunday of Advent in 1833. During the 1970s the tower, the roof truss, and the roof were thoroughly renewed. The church in Kölzow, which can be visited, is one of the few in the county which are to the largest extent kept in their original state.