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Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

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Map of manor house locations

Map of manor house locations

On the map you will find 170 locations of manor houses, manor houses and castles on the island of Rügen.

Estate Christianenhof

The village of Christianenhof no longer exists. Where it once stood there is nowadays nothing but wilderness. It must have disappeared after 1953 - presumably in connection with the construction of the secret bunker Tessin, a main command post of the GDR Navy.

Christianenhof is first mentioned in the state calendar in 1803, therefore it must have been established in 1802 under Caspar Heinrich Lorenz. One year later, Christianenhof and Drüsewitz became the property of the von Plessen brothers. Christianenhof remained permanently with Drüsewitz.

Structure of ownership:


Caspar Heinrich Lorenz


Court hunting squire Carl Franz Heinrich and Highest district administrator Helmut von Plessen.


Highest district administrator Helmut von Plessen


Foundation Wallenstein in Hessen


Friedrich Wilhelm Moennich