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So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

Bassendorf manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Büttelkow

The Buettelkow manor house was built approx. 1910 / 1912 by the Ballin family from Hamburg (reeder) following the architect Paul Korff’s (Landbaubüro Laage) construction plans.

Büttelkow is presented in the two calendars of 2018:

Calendar A4 | Calendar A3 landscape

In this building Korff combined neo-baroque, classicism and art noveau elements. Inside the manor house was equipped with the latest achievements like e.g. central heating with hot water supply in the kitchens and all sanitary facilities, central vacuum cleaning system, buried wiring in all rooms, deep well with electric pump, kitchen with isle stove and sub-floor smoke pipes, solar use because of in-house conservatory, ventilation flaps for air circulation and funnel.

The Buettelkow manor house is the first of its kind with reinforced-concrete floors on all levels.

Nowadays the listed historic ma nor house Buettelkow offers his gutest five holiday flats with charm and flair. Also, the manor house and the opposing „Haus im Gutspark“ may be rented as guest and seminar house. Guests may book individual art courses – also art therapy – in own art studios and enjoy calm and relaxation in idyllic peaceful location.

The manor house is located 7 km away of the Ostsee, situated in a cozy park with old trees. From the picturesque pound – part of a former weir plant and protected as a ground monument – one has a spectacular view over the surrounding unspoilt wavy environment.

For seminars, small exhibitions, concerts and private festivities the Marion-Köser-hall in the manor house provides a light-flooded impressive setting with a wonderful view to the park.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


cathedral church zu Schwerin


Andreas Gottfried Russow


von Plessen


Andreas Gottfried Russow (siehe Gersdorf)


F. N. A. Thomsen


Heinrich Wohlert


Carl Iven


Ernst Ballin


Ernst Lebenbaum


Wilhelm von Oertzen