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Bothmer Castle

Schloss Bothmer is situated in the area known as the "Klützer Winkel", near the town of Klütz. It is the largest Baroque palace complex in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. ... more

Manor House Nisdorf

The manor house and family hotel Nisdorf is within view of Grabower Bodden. The feudal estate looks back on over 700 years of history: ... more

Manor House Dalwitz

The Dalwitz estate gives us an idea of how comprehensive many historical large-scale concerns there were in rural Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The whole site can be experienced today, with a large number of the original buildings being preserved and in good condition. ... more

Manor House Teschendorf near Rostock

Teschendorf, about 13 km east of Rostock, can be accessed via a historic cobblestone street. Starting in 1375, the estate was owned by the von Preen family who held it for more than 400 years. ... more

Wesselstorf Manor

Like most other estates in Mecklenburg, Wesselstorf can look back on a history of several hundred years. ... more

Vilz Manor House

The estate was in the possession of the von Moltke family for over 400 years from 1236 and owned by the von Koss family from 1684 to 1855.  Prussian Lieutenant General Haeseler, its owner in 1902, was raised to knighthood in Mecklenburg that year. ... more

Castle and Hunting Lodge Rossewitz

Rossewitz lies isolated in the middle of fields, meadows and woods; a manor house of indescribable charm. The Rossewitz estate was under the ownership of the von Moltke family, then the von Normann (Nortman) family and from 1450 to 1782 the Vieregge family. ... more

Manor house Grundshagen

Grundshagen lies about three kilometres north-west of Klütz. The manor house is immediately noticeable from the village road: A grand but simple brick building on a rectangular ground plan with nine sets of windows, half-hipped roof and spire light. ... more

Manor House Kluss

South of the gates to the town of Wismar, amidst a pond area, is situated the estate Kluss. To the West of the Wallensteingraben (Wallenstein trench) three linked buildings rise which were built at different times. ... more