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Manor Houses, Ruins Putzar

The two ruins of the manor houses in the Putzar landscape park stand out like a painting from the Romantics. Courtier Ulrich von Schwerin had a farmhouse built here around 1550, the so-called Ulrichsbau (Ulrich’s building). ... more

Veste Landskron

The picturesque castle ruin of Landskron lies north-east of Altentreptow in the hollows of the Großen Landgraben. Ulrich II von Schwerin had the fortress built in Renaissance style in 1576. ... more

Remains of the Manor House (Castle) Pansevitz

Pansevitz was originally in possession of the von Krassow family. As a result of marriage the estate became the property of the Dukes von Inn- und Knyphausen in the 19th century. ... more