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Zierow Manor

A village street lined with linden trees leads directly to the manor house in Zierow.  As early as 1355 the squire Eckhard Negendank had a property here that was surrounded by a broad moat, a wall, and a drawbridge. ... more

Manor House (Castle) and Estate Tenant´s House Kalkhorst

Kalkhorst was a feudal estate which was in possession of the Both family at least from 1325 to 1847. In 1848 Wilhelm von Biel purchased the run-down estate and began to rebuild it. ... more

Weitendorf Manor House near Wismar

Together with Eggersdorf, Neu Jassewitz and Zierow, the Weitendorf estate was owned by the Barons von Biel, a family from Braunschweig-Lüneburg that was ennobled at the end of the eighteenth century and settled in Mecklenburg. ... more

Wichmannsdorf Manor House (Palace) near Kröpelin

Wichmannsdorf manor house lies in the middle of a 30,000 square meter (7.4 acre) park originally laid out by the landscape architect Habig, which boasts a great diversity of local as well as exotic woodland species. ... more