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Zierow Manor

A village street lined with linden trees leads directly to the manor house in Zierow.  As early as 1355 the squire Eckhard Negendank had a property here that was surrounded by a broad moat, a wall, and a drawbridge. ... more

Manor House (Castle) and Estate Tenant´s House Kalkhorst

Kalkhorst was a feudal estate which was in possession of the Both family at least from 1325 to 1847. In 1848 Wilhelm von Biel purchased the run-down estate and began to rebuild it. ... more

Wichmannsdorf Manor House (Palace) near Kröpelin

Wichmannsdorf manor house lies in the middle of a 30,000 square meter (7.4 acre) park originally laid out by the landscape architect Habig, which boasts a great diversity of local as well as exotic woodland species. ... more