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Manor House Alt Guthendorf

“Guthendorp” was first documented in 1210. Duke Albert von Mecklenburg pledged the cities and castles of Marlow and Sülze as well as 23 other places to the Bishop of Schwerin on 13 January 1371. ... more

Manor House Alt Vorwerk

Knight Martin von Brützkow was the owner in the 13th century. Later the estate came under the ownership of Lord von Ferber, who sold the Alt and Neu Vorwerk (ca. 800 ha.) estates for 80,000 Reichsthaler to Carl von Oertzen in 1826. ... more

Manor House Neu Guthendorf

The Neu Guthendorf manor house is a ruin. The landscape garden is ragged and overgrown. Starting in 1794, Alt Guthendorf and Neu-Guthendorf was owned by Ernst Friedrich von Vogelsang (*February 25th, 1758 – January 17th, 1821). ... more

Wüstenhagen Manor House

Wüstenhagen is first documented in 1391. The first known owners, the knights von Vogelsang, mortgaged it at the beginning of the 16th century but redeemed it later and owned the estate until late in the 17th century. ... more