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Manor House Altwigshagen

Altwigshagen was originally an old fiefdom of the von Schwerin family. As early as in 1331, there had already been a mention of a fortified house by the name of “castrum of the Schwerins”. ... more

Gutshaus Heinrichswalde

Der Ort wurde 1751 als Meierei des Gutes Brohm, das sich zu dieser Zeit im Besitz der Familie von Rieben befand, angelegt. ... more

Mariawerth Moorland Cultural Estate

Mariawerth was established between 1886 and 1887 by the Count of Schwerin. He gave the estate to his wife as a gift. ... more

Wietstock Manor House

Wietstock was first documented in 1224.  The estate was an old fief of the von Schwerin family. In 1738 the owner was Field Marshal General Curt Christoph von Schwerin. ... more

Wilhelmsburg Manor House

A half-timbered manor house erected in the first half of the nineteenth century. After 1945 it was used for residential purposes. ... more