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Lennépark Basedow

Between 1835 and 1840 Peter Joseph Lenné presented several plans for the rearrangement of the park. These accounted for the inclusion of the village and the surrounding countryside.

Peter Joseph Lenné (29.09.1789 - 23.01.1866) was a Prussian garden designer and landscape architect who worked in the German classicist style. These plans were realised step by step. Existing buildings, also the remains of the former fortress and dolmen graves were incorporated. Basedow became the climax of Lenné´s creative work due to the complexity of this design by him. The impressive architectural ensemble of the park, the manor house, the village and the surrounding countryside was placed under a conservation order in 1985.

Anette Countess and Eckhard Count Hahn von Burgsdorff who are engaged in agriculture in a neighbouring village have founded a `Förderverein´ a sponsoring society for the preservation of the Schlosspark-Ensemble Basedow. (Castle park ensemble Basedow)  
Further Information and pictures of the castle