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Manor House, Hunting Lodge Quitzin

The Quitzin manor house was built in Renaissance style in 1607 on vaults from the 13th century.

It was built by the Pomeranian Chancellor Erasmus von Küssow, who owned the estate. It was converted to a hunting lodge in baroque style in the 18th century. Werner von Veltheim purchased the estate after the death of Ludwig Julius Erasmus von Küssow in 1824. The estate remained under the ownership of his family until its expropriation by the Nazis in 1937. The manor house first served as refugee accommodation after 1945. The civil defence used a part of the house starting in 1972. The building was rebuilt for this purpose. The old roof was removed, the windows partly bricked up and the stucco on the exterior façade and in the interior was removed. The park was not spared either. Trees were planted and an old avenue cut down. The grandson of the last manor house owner was able to repurchase the house after the political change. He has run a farm business with his family since then. The manor house has a new glory and houses holiday apartments next to the farm administration.

Jagdschloss Quitzin

18513 Quitzin, Dorfstraße 32

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